Bedtime stories

Last night I was laying with Trevor and he was telling me about school stuff. After his days recap he said “I am really starting to like my life and school”.

What a huge and amazing change from 6 months ago when he would tell me he hated his life and school and wished he had never been born.

Thank God for amazing caring doctors and good medicines – I finally have my Trevor back.

Get Well Card

Monday evening (the day of my car wreck) the boys were especially loving to me. I think that comes from it just being the 3 of us for so long and they are very attached to me. Anyhow, after dinner that night Jacob went down to his room for a bit and came back up and sat down real close to me on the couch. I put my are around him and asked him what was up. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes, held his hand up and said “Here is a get well card for you Mom, I am glad you are o.k.”. And in his hand was a dollar bill that his Poppi had given him over the weekend in an old money clip. I remembered  seeing it sitting on Jacob’s night stand the night before and he told me how cool it was that Poppi gave him a grown up money clip and a dollar to keep in it.

And now he was giving that dollar to me. Because he loves me that much and I mean that much to him.

Man, I LOVE that kid!

Update on Trevor

We started Trevor on Strattera on 2/25 – 25mg for 1 week and then 40mg.

On 2/26 his resource teacher emailed me to say he had a GREAT day, did all of his work, on his own, and participated in class. I know the med doesn’t work that fast, but it was still great news to hear and I hope this is the direction that we are headed.

I have been getting similar reports from all of his teachers weekly. They tell me he is participating in class, completing his work, and getting answers correct.

This is a message I got from his regular teacher last week…

Trevor has been AWESOME the past two weeks. As Mrs. Owens has already stated, he is participating more in whole class activities and often answers correctly. I feel like today was a prime example. Mrs. Allen was reading to the class for Book Character Day. She paused several times to ask higher order thinking questions. Trevor raised his hand each time. He was called on twice. On both occasions his answers were thoughtful and spot on! I told him how proud I was of him. Please reiterate to him at home how proud all of his teachers are of him!

It is always wonderful to hear positive things about your children from others but this is especially wonderful because it has been a long journey to get here. I was very against medicating him 6 months ago and have been fighting it for a LONG TIME. I am glad that I got past my issues with having him on medication and have done what is {obviously} best for him!

Hope it continues and I am so proud of him for all his hard work!



These are a few emails that I have received from Trevor and meant to post here so I will remember them.


Feb 19, 2009

mom –

        I feel stupid.I am so mad that I kicked you.

        I hope that you can forgive me.becouse I

        will never forgive my self.and if you want

        you can sell my T.V. on EBAY or something

        I diserve it.I love you and always will,.



{This is such a switch in behavior for Trevor. He used to be my sweet, angelic child that never got mad or argued. Then the Tourettes, Anxiety and ADD got bad and he lost himself. He became angry, resentful, frustrated and worst of all, unhappy. He would lose it and have no regrets or remorse, I think that is was bothered me the most. Now, he still loses it from time to time, as we all do, but he regrets it now and he shows remorse and even more powerful, he is willing to put that regret and remorse into writing as an apology. I am so grateful that he is getting better.}


Jan 5, 2009

hi mom,

we love you and we love you more than you love us



{They were both feeling especially loving that day and we played email tag back and forth with “how much we love each other” emails.}